Greensfelder County State Park Bike Trail

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NEAREST TOWN: Eureka (St. Louis County).

DIRECTIONS: From St. Louis go west on 1-44. Get off at the Allenton-Six Flags exit. Go north past Six Flags on Allenton Road for two miles, enter the park. Near the Visitors Center, park in the gravel parking lot on the left.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: This is one of the toughest places to ride in Missouri. Unlike nearby Six Flags Amusement Park, this here trail is a natural roller coaster with no admission charge and no $8 cheese sandwiches. There’s a series of 25 miles of very challenging trails. Be prepared for technical single track, steep climbs and descents over big rocks and roots. Not much fun when it’s muddy.

Only DeClue and Dogwood Trails are open for MTB’ing. The rest are only open to equestrians and hiking and are clearly marked. These regulations are enforced by the park rangers and the equestrians. A new MTB trail is being built for spring 1999.

HIGHLIGHTS: Scary, steep downhills with good-sized drop-offs. Sometimes you can hear the roller coaster at Six Flags on parts of the trail. This is a good choice if you’re looking for solitude, since not too many riders come here.

HAZARDS: Not paying enough attention to the changing terrain. There’s enough ticks here to make a hound dog never leave the porch again.

AREA INFORMATION: This area was once owned by local environmentalist and open space supporter A. P. Greensfelder. This park has 1,758 acres of oak and hickory forest. In addition to mountain bike trails, it has hiking trails, a nature learning center, camping and more. Nearby, in Gray Summit, be sure and visit the Shaw Arboretum (no MTB’ing allowed). The arboretum has hiking trails, a gorgeous wetland area with observation blind and extensive prairies and other walking trails. Nearby Purina Farms makes for a great tour as well.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: There are other trails in the park that prohibit bikers-try not to get on the wrong ones. This is a heavily used equestrian area.
CONTACT INFO: St. Louis County Parks at (314) 889-2863.

DISTANCE: 4-mile system.

TERRAIN: Hard pack with several rocky sections.

RIDING TIME: Varies from two hours to all afternoon.

LAND STATUS: St. Louis County Parks.

SERVICES & ACTIVITIES: The park has water, restrooms and camping. St. Louis is close by.

TRAILHEAD: Dogwood Shelter.

RATING: Moderate to challenging.

Trail description provided by Show Mountain Biking, The Complete Mountain Biker’s Guide to Missouri and Pebble Publishing.