St. Louis Riverfront Trail

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TRAIL LENGTH: 10 miles

SURFACE: Asphalt

The ten-mile St. Louis Riverfront Trail follows the Mississippi River’s west bank from the Gateway Arch in Downtown St. Louis to North Riverfront Park. The south end of the trail starts below the Gateway Arch along Sullivan Boulevard and parallels the Mississippi River as it runs north. The trail passes through several of St. Louis’ oldest neighborhoods, just north of the Gateway Arch. Scenery is limited for about six miles north of the Arch, as the trail tucks between the Mississippi River on the east side and the active railroad tracks on the west side, leaving very little access for users to enter or leave the trail. Trail users can look across the river between Humbolt and Chambers Roads to see Mosenthein Island, named for a family that once lived on the island. The scenery improves along Riverview Drive as the trail passes through North Riverfront Park. The trail currently ends in North Riverfront Park but future plans include extending it one mile north to the Route 66 Bikeway, providing trail users access across the Mississippi River into Granite City, Illinois.

PARKING: Parking can be found around the Gateway Arch and North Riverfront Park along Riverview Drive in St. Louis.