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TRAIL LENGTH: 1.5 miles

SURFACE: Concrete

Also known as the Chain of Rocks Bridge (connecting St. Louis, Missouri, with Granite City, Illinois), the Route 66 Bikeway is a “highways to bikeways” project. At one time, this 1.1-mfle bridge was part of legendary U.S. Route 66, which ran between Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois. The bridge served automobile traffic between 1929 and 1968. In 1967, the nearby Interstate 270 bridge opened to automobile traffic and the U.S. Route 66 bridge was no longer needed. After closing for thirty-two years, the bridge reopened in 1999 as the Route 66 Bikeway.

Today, all trail users can enjoy a ride or stroll across the Mississippi River and a wonderful view of the St. Louis City Skyline, whose historic water intake towers look like little medieval castles, and add to the Mississippi River’s chann. Eventually, this “highway-bikeway” will connect to both the St. Louis Riverfront Trail in Missouri and the proposed Metro East Bikeway in Illinois.

PARKING: Parking can be found along Riverview Drive in St. Louis near the Route 66 Bikeway Entrance.


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