Rockwoods Conservation Bike Trails

#11 On Trail Map

NEAREST TOWN: Eureka (St. Louis County).

DIRECTIONS: From Eureka, take 1-44 west for 3 miles to Allenton Road (Exit 261). Go north and turn west on the outer road (Fox Creek Road). Follow Fox Creek Road for 1.25 miles to the parking lot on the right. Continue on Fox Creek Road for 2.25 miles to access another trailhead parking lot on the right.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: There are two trails here open to MTB’ers. From the first trailhead access off of Fox Creek Road, you can access the Fox Creek Spur Trail. About a half mile into this ride, if you take the right fork, you will be on the approximately three-mile Round House Loop Trail, which skirts a drainage.

If you decide to stick to the Fox Creek Spur Trail, continue left (or straight) on the Fox Creek Trail to avoid riding the Round House Loop Trail. If you stick left, you will cross the Greenrock Hiking Trail, a drainage and several scenic rest areas before ending up at the other trail access 2.25 miles further down Fox Creek Road. This is not a loop trail.

At the northern end of the Round House loop, you can double back and ride back to your car, by turning left onto Fox Run Trail. Or, you can go even farther into this 1,388-acre conservation area, by going right on the Fox Run Trail instead of left, which takes you to the other trail access 2.25 miles further down Fox Creek Road. HIGHLIGHTS: This area is 90 percent forested. There are a couple of benches at overlooks.

HAZARDS: Remember that you are sharing this trail with horses-so always give right-of-way.

AREA INFORMATION: This 1,388 acres area is sandwiched in between Allenton and Hencken Roads to the east and Fox Creek Road to the west and south. If you have to bail from the trail, take any of these roads south. You will either come upon the trailhead, or if you end up at 1-44, go west on Fox Creek Road for 1.25 miles to the trailhead parking lot.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Bicycles are permitted only on roads and trails open to vehicular traffic and horseback riding and on service roads posted closed to motorized vehicles, except when further restricted by posting.

CONTACT INFO: Missouri Department of Conservation St. Louis Region Rockwoods Conservation Area Office: (636) 458-2236.

DISTANCE: 8.5 miles of trail.

TERRAIN: Limestone base, rolling hills, flat ridge rides, going up and down hills. Not real steep. Mostly barrier free except for the occasional tree. This trail can all be ridden, without any portages or extremely steep sections.

RIDING TIME: 2 hours.

LAND STATUS: Missouri Department of Conservation.

SERVICES & ACTIVITIES: No water, camping or restrooms. Greensfelder County Park is nearby.

TRAILHEAD: Two parking lots on Fox Creek Road.

RATING: Easy to moderate.

Trail description provided by Show Mountain Biking, The Complete Mountain Biker’s Guide to Missouri and Pebble Publishing.